Monday, September 1, 2014

The foothills of love

"Where am I ? Did I sleep little too much, is this really an indian location, people do look indian, but the cleanliness, the ambience is way too different from other tourist destination - not that they are bad or so"  simi said to herself balancing here thoughts in a debating manner as she has always done ever since she knew herself and looked around to see "Welcome to yatri nivas, Premanchal". She was indeed in India, just at the foothills of love....


Simi closed her eyes for a moment and caressed them with her fingers as if asking them to sleep now. When she finally opened them, she could observe the sky out of her window changing its hue from pitch black and shiny stars to faded bluish black tinge and the stars slowly dissapearing as if someone was putting off the lights one by one. She kept her gaze fixed on quite a few and it indeed seemed that someone had carefully desiniged the turning off mechanism. It lasted a few minutes, by which the hue had changed to orange red specifically at one side of the hills - while the other side was slow to catch up. It was mesmerizing to see the forest of the hills clearly being demarcated by the a dark line with was sqeezing every minute as if the army of the luminous brilliance was cornering that of the ignorant unknown. She had seen the mornings before, she was often up till wee hours of the morning but never had occured to her before that darkness in itself does not exist, it is just the absence of the light. Ignorance in itself does not exist, it is the absence of knowledge - The hollowness in her does not exist by itself, it's just the absence of someone to complete her and she was missing the one whose hands had carefully painted each of her eye lashes in the one picture infront of her - just her eyes gazing at something or someone, she wouldnt know. She wished if she could know the entire story behind each of her paintings drawn by him - it sure had to have one.

She felt an inqusitiveness, an utter desire to discover herself through the eyes of the one who she wanted so much to keep away once. She went over each of the paintings slowly running her fingers over the lines and bold strokes as if painting them all over again - and her alarm rang, making her realize it was already 6:00. She just had an hour to get ready. She was amused first and still suprised - who does an interview at 7:30 in the morning. She had asked the secretary and had got a poilite reply -  " Sir does and if it doesn't suit you, please wait for 15 days".

Simi got ready in 15 min - hardly ever took time and was in the office at 7:15 am. It was the curvy roads and a 2 km trek to the office which had taken so  much time. She could have taken the battery powered golf carts but instead, she wanted to walk and discover the place a bit before she could talk to "Sir". 

The small wooden office had an exquisite look, that of a spa and resort with lot of open spaces. she was standing in the waiting room overlooking valley from its balcony, when the secretary called her name - simi, would you please go in ? 

"Please make yourself comfortable" - Simi looked up."Sir" seemed more interested in the view out of his window and didnt actually look like what she was expecting at least not with his back facing him. He looked much younger than her expectations.

Simi continued in her customary tone - " Thank you Sir, for an opportunity to connect to India''s biggest architectural magazine............" , when she was cut short - you have 15 min, come to the point -I know all about you guys and you.

Simi felt weird with his curt reply, not expecting her pleasantries to be cut down so sharply. 

"Sir, I see you have built the place with lot of love ....." she tried to do a small talk and continue the conversation. 

"What do you know about love Simi" - pat came the reply.

It was enough for Simi. She got up and said - what do you mean, this time in an agressive tone, her eyes furious with someone being judgemental about her, only to have felt dialation of the pupil and racing of the heart as "Sir" turned around - It was Omi or was he not -a definite look alike and she was losing her breath.......


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