Monday, April 21, 2014

Finding me !!!

The last couple of months have been tough. I have not been able to find myself all these days. Chances are that I might have been lost - lost in what ? Good question but I am so lost that I don't even know where I am. It is like the train station in Matrix where Neo is stranded alone or in simple parlance a void between living and being extinct.
I am keeping myself away from the story board because I don't know what form my words may take. I am not a writer. I just am someone who just has one story. One beautiful story which has always been close to his heart. I don't know how much or when can I do justice to that story but I must do that someday.
As of now, Amrit is recovering from a terrible loss - a loss of his own self which actually is a dated event but like some wounds which show up late.... this too has taken up a decade to surface. Had I known that it would hurt so much and not just to myself but also to the loss I would have definitely prevented it. They say that all is well that ends well. But some things are meant never to end. They are with u life long.... In person or in thoughts. I love my thoughts because sometimes they are so beautiful and never want them to end.....and  for omi and simi ....don't worry...They are fine...just coming back to life...


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